Best Solutions to the Vomit Problem in Your Carpet

It is hard to imagine that you are going to clean the puke or vomit of someone else or even your pet dog or car and the worst thing here is that you need to clean it out of the carpet. There will be some cases that people tend to be unconscious when they are drunk. They would vomit to anywhere or somewhere they think it is the place where they need to puke.

The same thing problem that you would encounter when you have a dog or canine or feline inside your house. There will be a time that they puke because of the food that they are eating. It is difficult to imagine how you could possibly remove the vomit stain and the smell from it. It is going to be harder for you especially if you are the only one who’s going to do this kind of thing. You need to find a great solution as soon as possible as you don’t want that stain to ruin your expensive carpet. It is hard for everyone to do the simple carpet cleaning and how much more if you are going to get rid of the stain like vomits on the carpet. Here are some best solutions that you can actually do to deal with the vomit problems in your carpet.

1. It is not good for anyone to touch or get the vomit out of the carpet by their bare hands. It is important to use a plastic or rubber gloves when doing this removal. It is for your own safety and hygiene as well as you don’t want to the germ to transfer to you and to your skin.

2. There are many ways to get rid of it now. You may use a scraper or a small dustpan to get it and with the use of a flat object to scrape it easily and place the small dustpan near to the vomit so that it would be easy to get it there.

3. If that process is not available for you to do. Then, you can get a paper towel or tissue and then pick the vomit up. Put them inside the trash plastic then tie it and then throw them to the trash bin. Don’t use the used paper towel with vomit to get the remaining stain. Get a new paper towel to grab them.

4. If there are little stains left, you may use lukewarm water sprayed to the area of the carpet and then use a paper towel to blot and scrub a little.

5. To remove the dirt and stain from the vomit and of course the smell of it. You can pour some baking soda powder in the area. It would be better to leave the baking soda granules to the stained area for at least an overnight or one night. The next morning, you may use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of those baking soda powder on the carpet.